The Impossible Quiz Book
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Question 15
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Question 15 of the Impossible Quiz Book simply asks "How does this Quiz make you feel?", with the potential answers being emoticons: a happy one ("C:"),  a sad one (":C"), an angry one (">:C") and a surprised one (":o").

At this point you've already got a taste of the first 14 questions of the Book (and probably the preceeding Quizzes too), so you most probably feel frustrated because you kept getting wrong answers and "Game Over" screens time and time again. And it's only natural, really. After all, these Quizzes were never meant to take it easy on you. They were made to put players to the test, so it's quite obvious the players will have to live up to the challenge, as much as they hate it.

In conclusion, the correct answer in this case is the angry looking emoticon, ">:C".

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