The Impossible Quiz Demo
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Question 17 of the Impossible Quiz Demo, which was also intended to be the seventeenth question of the unreleased Impossible Quiz Beta, happens to be the first maze question of the entire Impossible Quiz series. Rather than making you put your mouse on a button like the following Quizzes would, the maze appears on screen as soon as you correctly answer the previous question.

The task here says "Don't touch BLUE!", with the word "blue" written in that colour itself. Some big green text on the left side of the screen says "GO! GO! GO!", along with a green arrow pointing at the entrance of the maze. At the end of the maze is a red button that says "Next Question".

You will start heading to the right from that point, before the narrow hallway of the maze starts making some odd turns and curves. As soon as you reach the bottom right corner of the screen, start heading upwards carefully, since the path won't get any wider until the very end! Make sure you NEVER touch the blue walls of the maze, otherwise it's an immediate Game Over. After reaching the red button at the end of the maze, click it and you'll continue.

Alternatively, you can open the right-click menu to safely move across the walls and to where the button is located, or simply hold the left mouse button to freely move around as well.

This is the only question of the Demo where you CAN'T use the Tab key, since the maze is an interactable object itself, and highlighting it with the Tab would count as touching it, giving you a Game Over as well. This may be the inspiration for the Game Over screens that appear in the later Quizzes if you press the Tab key.


  • Surprisingly, the word "BLUE" in the question's task is touchable, even though the maze of that same colour is untouchable.

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