The Impossible Quiz
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Question 19 from the Impossible Quiz requires some good thinking. The task says "Colour in the correct order...". There are seven paint cans that contain colours similar to those of a rainbow. To the left is an easel with an unpainted picture of a character named "Boggy".

To solve this question, you must colour the picture following the order of the letters on its name: the "B" stands for blue, the "O" stands for orange, the "G" stands for green, and the "Y" stands for yellow. Therefore, you must click the blue can, then the orange can, then the green can twice and finally the yellow can, then click the GO! arrow after you made Boggy a “masterpiece”.




  • Tumblr n05p7ktvpz1rp2adqo1 1280

    The original question as it appears in the unreleased Beta.

    This question was originally conceived as Question 36 in The Impossible Quiz Beta, an unreleased extended version of the Demo which included 10 extra questions, which only very few people ever got the chance to play. A screenshot of the question, along with screenshots of all of the extra questions, were released by Splapp-Me-Do on his Tumblr page on January 2014. This question remains pretty much unchanged from what it looked like in the Beta screenshot, though the dark blue paint can was replaced by a dark purple colour, probably because players could easily confuse the light and dark blue paint cans.
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