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Question 19
Demo 19




Question 19 of the Impossible Quiz Demo, which was also meant to be the ninteenth question of the unreleased Impossible Quiz Beta, shows a small window with a picture of a pencil drawing a curve line. Below this is a hand-drawn keyboard that only contains the entirety of the characters of the English alphabet.

Rather simple, all you have to do here is to use this keyboard to type the word "pencil". You must only press the letters that form the word and ONLY in that particular order; press a letter that doesn't follow the spelling, and you will get a Game Over.

Recreations of this question appear in the full Impossible Quiz, namely in Questions 15 and 101, where you have to use their respective on-screen keyboards to spell the words presented in each case: "horse" in the first one, and "chihuahua" in the second one. The Impossible Quiz 2 didn't have this kind of questions because Splapp managed to implement the usage of the real-life keyboards into the game.

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