The Impossible Quizmas
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Question 19 of The Impossible Quizmas sees the return of Badly Drawn Dawg. Similarly to Question 50 of The Impossible Quiz 2, there is a scene to play out. This time, you must complete a Christmas scene with him and his bitch in a 2-part question.

In the first part, the two dogs bite the opposite sides of a Christmas cracker. To progress, you must move Badly Drawn Dawg away from the bitch, using the left arrow key. Once the two dogs are far enough apart, the Christmas cracker will explode, and its contents fall down on the mangled dogs; the paper crown lands on the bitch, while the joke lands between them.

The question upon completion.

Badly Drawn Dawg will then pick up the paper, transitioning to part 2 of the question, in which the objective is to answer the randomised joke. Upon answering correctly, we get a final scene of him grinning and snickering hoarsely, before proceeding to the next question. There are 6 possible variations, as seen below. The answers are low brow humour, similarly to the jokes found in actual Christmas crackers.

Possible Jokes in Part 2


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