The Impossible Quizmas
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Question 1



"12 Days of Christmas" song

Question 1 of The Impossible Quizmas is the first question of the game. It reads: "On the first day of Impossible Quizmas my true love gave to me...", with the options "Alan Partridge in a pear tree", "Hepatitis B", "A Satsuma", and "A lecture on Thermodynamics". The question is a reference to the Christmas song, The 12 Days of Christmas.

While "Alan Partridge in a pear tree" seems like a good answer, reflecting the original song, the correct answer is "Hepatitis B". Partly because "B" rhymes with "me" (as does "tree"), but also because Hepatitis B can be transmitted through "love" making.


  • This question was posted on Splapp's tumblr on the 10th of December, as a combined teaser and apology for missing the original release date, along with a message that the game would only be delayed by one day.
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