The Impossible Quiz
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Question 20 of The Impossible Quiz says "Deal or no deal?", referencing the game show "Deal or No Deal". The possible choices are "Deal!", "No deal!", "Seal!", "No seal!"

The answer is "Seal!", which is a better answer than "Deal!", since in these cases what people do is to "seal the deal".

Answering this question correctly grants you the second Skip of the game.

Mobile version

In the iOS version of The Impossible Quiz, this question is essentially the same, but the question itself reads "Seal or no seal?" instead, to prevent Copyright issues. The answer to the question is still "Seal!".

Answering this question will not only give you the second Skip, but you will also reach the first Moron Mark of the mobile version.


  • This is the first question with a change to either the task or a possible answer to prevent copyright issues.
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