The Impossible Quiz 2
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Question 20
TIQ2 - 20

Somewhat easy


12 seconds


Post-accident Slick (Splapp's Worms comics)

Fusestopper Location

The purple zit on Slick's ear

Question 20 of The Impossible Quiz 2 is the first bomb question of the game. The scenario is set in the middle of a pitch black screen, with the message "Uh-Oh!" briefly appearing, pointing at the 12-second bomb located on the top right corner of the screen. On the far left end of the screen there's also a light switch.

As soon as you press that switch, the lights will go on, revealing the face of Post-accident Slick (a character from some of Splapp's Worms comics) with a total of 11 zits all over his face, 10 of which being red. Now all there is left for you to do is to pop the 10 red zits he has, before the bomb detonates.

You can get the first Fusestopper in this question by clicking the eleventh zit, which is purple rather than red, located on his visible ear. You have to click it before clicking the rest of the zits, otherwise you'll miss your chance to grab the Power-up.

As soon as you pop all the zits, Slick will delightfully smile, with a small little heart appearing next to him and a smooch sound effect playing in the background. You'll be then sent to the next question.

Mobile version

This question remains pretty much the same in the iOS version, except the Fusestopper located in this question is now the second one.

After popping all of Slick's zits, you will reach the mobile edition's first Moron Mark.

There is a known bug in this question on the iOS version. If you're going too fast and you pop the purple zit before the Fusestopper you obtained in the last question lands on its space, it will land straight away, preventing this question's Fusestopper from appearing at all, and you won't acquire it.


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