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Question 21
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The Impossible Quiz Demo

Question 21 of The Impossible Quiz 2 asks "How many questions does the very first Impossible Quiz have?", with the possible answers being "30", "100", "110" and "46 million".

The answer is neither "110" nor "100", since the question is NOT talking about The Impossible Quiz (the previous one) itself, but rather The Impossible Quiz Demo, which is an early version of the fully-fledged 110-question Quiz pretty much everyone and their mothers have played. People usually don't seem to take into account the existence of the Demo version, believing the full Quiz is actually the very first one ever released.

The Demo had a total of only 30 questions (a number of which have made it into either of the full-length Quizzes), so the correct answer in this case would then be 30.


  • The section "Other Impossible Quizzes" in the main menu actually mentions the original Demo version, along with the full Quiz, though you'd have to get out of your way just to check that section before actually starting the game.
  • The Demo is also referenced in:
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