The Impossible Quiz Book
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Question 21
TIQB - 021



10 seconds



Question 21 of the Impossible Quiz Book consists of a rather simple division: it says "21 ÷ 10 = ?". The potential answers include "2", "210", a question mark ("?") and "Maths!". There's a 10-second bomb on screen.

The answer to the division is "2.1". However, none of the options contain that number; it's not "2", because it's lacking the fractional part, it's not "210" because it's got no decimal mark, and it's not any of the bottom two options, as sensible as they could have been.

The only way for you to get the answer you're looking for is to look at the question number. It's a 21 with a dot right next to it. All you have to do then is to drag the dot into the small space between the 2 and the 1, thus creating "2.1". A slapping sound effect will tell you when the mark has been correctly placed, and you will be able to click the question number to proceed.

Be careful not to drag the dot from the question number off-screen or else this question will be impossible to complete without the use of the Skip.

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