The Impossible Quiz Demo
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Question 23 of the Impossible Quiz Demo, which was also going to be the twenty-third question of the unreleased Impossible Quiz Beta, is the sixth one of the game to be recycled as one of the possible variations of Question 117 in The Impossible Quiz 2 (rather than being recreated as a proper question in the game).

You're asked "What's the little groove under your nose called?", with the potential answers being "Filtrum", "Psychedelic Boogie Child", "Jesus" and "Babyface Finlayson".

While that particular feature of your face is called the "filtrum" (though it's actually spelled "philtrum"), that's NOT the answer. Rather, the correct option here is "Psychedelic Boogie Child", which is the name of a song featured in the original soundtrack of the PlayStation game "Boombots" (from which the Quiz's background music was also taken).

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