The Impossible Quizmas
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Question 25 of The Impossible Quizmas is the twenty-fifth question, and the Quiz's representation of Christmas Day. So, now, it's time to open your Quizmas Presents. As it happens, the Skips in this quiz are gift wrapped, and when you initially receive them, they have a tag with the warning: "Do not open until the 25th", hinting at their usefulness in this question.

Just as you were expected to save your skips in the original quiz, The Impossible Quizmas expects the same. There are 5 open slots on the tree, showing hints to the Skip locations; A bulb for Question 4, a duck for Question 8, holly for Question 14, and a number and checkmark for questions 10 and 20, where you get free Skips.

When you click a Skip, it will move to the middle of the screen and burst, revealing a random Quizmas Present, or release some flies, resulting in nothing. If you opened all five presents, the arrow at the base of the tree will light up, allowing you to pass without losing a life. If you missed even one, the arrow cannot be fully charged, and you will lose a life, although you will still proceed to the final challenge if it didn't kill you.


For the next part, the camera will move to the top of the tree, where a purple present wrapped in multicoloured Christmas lights. A message will appear; "So... it has been 10 years... Can you still remember?". The solution should be obvious to anyone who has played The Impossible Quiz, and there is also a hint in one of the messages in the loading screen. Input the code Blue, Red, Blue, Yellow by clicking any bulbs with matching colours.

As the bulbs are clicked, stars with matching colours will appear across the top of the screen, before finally opening the last present. Inside is either a Golden Tree Topper if you completed the quiz with all 3 lives still intact, or a Silver one if you lost one or two. You will also be congratulated for completing the quiz, before allowing you to replay or exit to the menu.



  • This question allows several medals to be earned in the Newgrounds version of the game.
    • "Merry Quizmas": Simply complete the question.
    • "Quizmas Number 1": Complete the question with all lives intact.
    • "Risky Christmas": Click the up arrow without charging it up first.
    • "Thanks For Nothing": Open an empty present.*
    • "Just What I Wanted": Open a rare present.*
*:Also achievable through The Tab Cheat.
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