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Question 26
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Question 25

Question 26 of the Impossible Quiz Book references the previous question of the Quiz by wondering: "So... The sand is wet because the sea weed on it?!", obviously attempting to change your mind about why the sand is wet. The possible options are "No", "Yes", "Balls" and "Please don't press this.".

You have stated in the previous question that the sand was wet because "seaweed", because you knew it was correct. It would simply make no sense if you were to answer like that and then change your mind about it. To stand by your beliefs and your knowledge, the answer you're looking for in this question is "Yes".

Clicking the "Please don't press this." option restarts the flash.


  • This is the second of three questions that has an option to restart the Flash from the loading screen. The other two times were:
    • Question 74 from The Impossible Quiz 2, which said "Click 'Yes' to exit", and clicking the option "Yes" would actually make you exit the quiz by refreshing the Flash.
    • Question 94 from Chapter 2, where you had as possible options "Restart" and "Shut down"; the first one wouldn't do anything to you, but the other one actually will restart the whole Flash.
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