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Question 27




Question 27 from the Impossible Quiz is a test to see if you're paying attention to the question numbers from the game. There's a question mark where the question number usually goes, and next to it there's a sentence that says "I hope you've been paying attention to the question numbers!". The possible choices are "Go to 21", "Go to 26", "Go to 24", and "Go to 28". Clicking any of the wrong options will not only cost you a life, but it will also take you back to the question you chose. The correct answer is "Go to 28", since you're on Question 27. Once you've figured out that clicking a wrong answer will take you to the question indicated in the option box, it's quite obvious that you have to click the one with the biggest number, which is 28.

TIQ - number27

Edited picture of the question, containing the actual question number.


  • Question 141 from The Impossible Quiz Book is similar to this one, except there are 11 answer choices and 10 of them will take you to a previous question, plus you won't know what's the destination of each option until you click on it, forcing you to go trial-and-error.
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