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Question 27
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5 seconds



Question 27 of The Impossible Quiz 2 is a 5-second bomb question that presents you with a small pad, on which there are 4 buttons: a red one, a yellow one, a green one and a blue one. The task, which seems like a desperate attempt to put pressure on you, says "Quick! Press one!".

If you start pressing the buttons on the pad, you'll lose your lives, since the answer isn't any of the four buttons on the screen. Rather, what the task is telling you is to "press one", meaning to press the number "1" on your keyboard in order to proceed to the next question.

Mobile edition

Question 27 (iOS)
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This question was replaced in the iOS version of The Impossible Quiz 2, due to the lack of a keyboard. The new Question 27 asks "How many times can you fit into a vacuum?". The options you're given are "Once", "Thrice", "Twice" and "Life is a vacuum". The correct answer is "Twice", as that's how many times the letter "u" (you) appears in the word "vacuum".


  • The same pad will appear also in Question 84 of this Quiz, where the task says "Can you still remember?" And you had to press the buttons in order: Blue, Red, Blue, Yellow.
  • There are a handful of questions in this Quiz that require you to press a single key on your keyboard to proceed, namely:
    • Question 7: Press the right arrow key ("Use the right key!").
    • Question 58: Press the Space bar (the scenario is set in space).
    • Question 86: Press U (the letter after T in the alphabet).
  • The Impossible Quiz Book also has many questions where you only need to press one key:
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