The Impossible Quiz Demo
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Question 27 of The Impossible Quiz Demo, also meant to be the twenty-seventh question of the unreleased Beta, is the first picture question in the entire series. While it was not reworked as a full question in a complete quiz, it is the final of seven questions which were used as possible variations for Question 117 in The Impossible Quiz 2.

It asks "What is this?", and presents a drawing of a really weird blue bipedal creature wearing cowboy boots, with little horns and a few yellow dots on its head, as well as several yellow markings around its body. The potential answers are "Spangulated Codknacker", "Fropulent Quabbollid", "Arsebandit 2000" and "Umbilical Negwhuppy".

The answer to this question is "Spangulated Codknacker", which is the name of the blue creature represented in the picture.

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