The Impossible Quiz 2
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Question 30
TIQ2 - 30



10 seconds


Question 1 (from TIQ) / Rolo chocolates

Question 30: of The Impossible Quiz 2 is a similar question to the very first question of the first Impossible Quiz, which is also the first one of the Demo (and of the series as a whole). It says "How many holes in a Rolo?", with the possible answers including, as usual, all numbers from 1 to 4, written in numbers instead of in letters. There's also a 10-second bomb this time around.

"Rolos" are small truncated-cone-shaped chocolates with a caramel centre that come in tube-shaped packages. But the important thing here is that these delicious-looking things don't have any holes in them. This means that none of the four possible choices are correct. Rather, if you hover your mouse over the question number, you will realise the "0" in "30" is a clickable object. That's the answer you're looking for, so click it to proceed.


  • You might be asked again this question in one of the possible variations of Question 107, and the answer is still the "0" of the question number (107, rather than 30). Unlike this question, however, the 0 won't be highlighted when you put your mouse on it; you will only see the cursor changing into a hand indicating it's clickable, but the zero will not change its colour at all.
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