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Question 30
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Question 30 of the Impossible Quiz Demo is the final question of the game, and it was also going to be the thirtieth question of the unreleased Impossible Quiz Beta, preceding the 10 additional questions. Here, you're given a rather simple task: "Choose food".

Below, there is a total of 16 clickable objects, all of which seem to be completely random, none of them actually being food. These include: an open-end spanner, an unhealthily dirty toilet, a brick, a yellow mug, a broken cable with a plug, a Tennis ball, a ghost, a Nazi arm band, a key, underwear (the same pair the guy from Question 8 is wearing), some dentures, a red "Pegs" lorry, a Bible, an envelope, a pencil sharpener and an Eye on Legs (which is an invention by Splapp).

The item you have to choose out of all of these ones are the dentures, because "choose" is a homophone of the word "chews", thus making the task "Chews food", and you need to have teeth to do so.

This question also appeared as the tenth question of the full Impossible Quiz, though due to its early place within the question lineup, the number of clickable objects has been greatly reduced, leaving only five of them. The answer is still the dentures.

Demo Finale

The final screen of the Demo!

After correctly answering this question, you'll be presented with a screen that contains a green button that sends you back to the main menu, as well as the following message:
That's it for now... But there'll be more to come!

Congratulations, you have completed The Impossible Quiz Demo! The full game is already out at this moment, so go ahead and do it now!

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