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Question 31
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Question 31 is the first of the ten additional questions that belong in The Impossible Quiz Beta, the unreleased extended version of The Impossible Quiz Demo. This question makes a cameo in the ending sequence of The Impossible Quiz Book, Chapter 3.

In the Beta, this question was meant to come right after the final question of the Demo. Its task reads "Hover, click, hover, hover, click, click", below which is s a metallic panel with 6 small red buttons.

In order to solve this question, the player would have to click or ignore the buttons according to the order given by the task. In other words, the second, fifth and sixth button (from the left) would have to be clicked in that order to complete the question.

The question, as it appears during Book's ending sequence.

Cameo in The Impossible Quiz Book

While The Impossible Quizzes were being wiped out of existence during the ending sequence of Chapter 3 of the Book, pictures belonging to all of them started flashing rapidly on screen, including option boxes, characters and question numbers, among other stuff. Pausing frame by frame during this sequence can reveal a peculiar question screen which has not appeared in any of the full length quizzes.

When approached for an explanation on the matter, Splapp gave a response on his Tumblr page, explaining about the Impossible Quiz Beta, an extension of the Demo that included 10 extra questions in addition to the existing 30. He stated that some of these 10 questions have actually made it into the full Impossible Quiz.

On January 2014, Splapp posted clean pictures of Questions 31 to 35 and later Questions 36-40, briefly describing what the player would have to do and where they appeared in the full Quiz. It was only here that clean images of this and all of the other additional questions became public.

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