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Question 36
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Question 36 is the sixth additional question of the unreleased Impossible Quiz Beta, the extended version of the Demo. The screenshot of this question was originally revealed by Splapp-Me-Do himself in January 2014 through a second post on his Tumblr page, where he revealed pictures of the final five questions of the Beta, following his previous post revealing the preceding five.

This one is the same as Question 19 from  the full Impossible Quiz, and the mechanism for completing it is exactly the same. There is an easel with an unpainted drawing of a character named "Boggy" (with its name written below the drawing), and next to this there are seven buckets of paint, containing different colours: red, orange, yellow, lime green, light blue, blue and fuchsia. The task in this question says "Colour in the correct order...".

Each of the letters of Boggy's name stands for one of the colours in the paint cans, so you must click them following the order indicated by these letters: light blue ("B"), orange ("O"), green twice ("GG") and yellow ("Y").

There would have probably been some confusion regarding whether the "B" was meant to stand for blue or for light blue; in fact, it stands for light blue in both this and the recreated question, though this would have confused some people because there is no actual indication of the starting colour being light blue instead of normal blue. This is probably the reason why in the full Quiz, the blue paint can was replaced with a dark purple paint can.

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