The Impossible Quiz Book
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Question 36
TIQB - 036

Somewhat easy



Question 36 of the Impossible Quiz Book states that "Answering this question may require bowel movements". Potential answers include "Poo", "I just crapped myself", "Onion" and "Trust me... It doesn't".

TIQB - 036 (2)

The "bowel movement".

The truth is that none of these answers is the correct one. Don't worry, you actually don't need to do anything with your own body, either. Just like the task says, you only require to do some "bowel" movements; that is, moving the word "bowel" away using your mouse, revealing a small upset-looking face along with an arrow next to it. Click the "Answer!" arrow and you'll move to the next question with your insides completely unharmed.


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