The Impossible Quiz 2
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Question 37
TIQ2 - 37


Special Attributes

Safe Question



Question 37 of The Impossible Quiz 2 tells you that "You require one elephant", with no option boxes or any kind of clickable object on screen. There's no bomb, and you won't lose any lives for clicking anywhere on the screen.

Just like in Question 34 from the first Quiz, all you have to do to pass this question is to move your cursor away from the game's screen (or put it on the Toggle Music/Quality buttons, which also works) since elephants dislike mice. As soon as you do this, a small circular shadow will be seen in the middle of the screen; the shadow will slowly become larger and larger, until suddenly an elephant comes from the upper edge of the screen, crashing face first into the ground, cracking all the floor and losing a little blood in the process. Then you'll be sent immediately to the next question. You cannot put the mouse back onto the screen until the elephant appears, or the question will reset.

Mobile version

Similarly to Question 34 in the iOS version of the first Quiz, this question required a new mechanism for it to work, since there is no mouse to be used. What you have to do here is to touch any point of the screen and not lift your finger until you see the elephant fall off.


  • Question 124 from The Impossible Quiz Book features a screen similar to that of Question 4 from the first one ("Click the answer", and the options being "Out of order"). However, a time rift will make the word "Elephant" appear on top of the task; just like in here, you have to move your mouse away, and the same elephant used in this question will fall there, causing even more time rifts.
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