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Question 37
TIQB - 037



10 seconds



Question 37 of the Impossible Quiz Book puts you in front of some sort of machine consisting of two main parts: on the right side of the screen, there's a big red button along with a small empty meter right above it, with lots of cables connecting it to the upper part of the machine, which is out of the screen's limits. On the left side, there's a platform, where Chris is calmly sitting, staring into absolute nothingness with his big green crossed eyes while balancing left and right in place. Above Chris' head, there is a big laser pointing directly down at him, connected to the upper part of the machine. There's also a 10-second bomb.

What you're supposed to do here is to repeatedly click the big red button in order to fill the empty meter before the bomb explodes. Once it is completely green, the laser will shoot Chris, successfully turning him into his real-life counterpart, Socks. Then you'll move on to the next question.

TIQB - 037 (2)

The Question after being completed.


  • Splapp-Me-Do revealed in a Tumblr post answering an anonymous question that the real-life cat featured in this question is indeed Socks, his neighbour's cat and the one who inspired the creation of Chris.
  • In this question, Chris looks exactly the same as his appearance in the credits of The Impossible Quiz 2.
    • In the same quiz' Question 70, his appearance was the same, but without his collar.
  • It is necessary to click the button 55 times to pass the question.
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