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Question 38
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Question 38 is the eighth additional question of The Impossible Quiz Beta, the unreleased extended edition of the Demo. The screenshot of this question was originally revealed by Splapp-Me-Do himself in January 2014 through a post on his Tumblr page.

Here, you would be put in front of a pitch-black background with some random stuff scribbled in white in different sections of the screen: next to the question number, there is an addition that says "2 + 7 = 91 giraffes" whereas on the bottom right corner, there is a drawing of a hanging stick person, just like if it was a game of Hangman. Finally, on the lower side of the screen, there's the word "Rub:", followed by five scribbled circles aligned in a row.

Just like you were told, you have to move your cursor around these circles to rub them; doing so would make several letters and symbols briefly appear on screen, depending on which of the circles you were touching. Reading all of these characters together would create a task that said "Click the top right hand corner" (or "top left", according to a different post following the reveal of the screenshots). Either way, clicking the correct corner of the screen would have sent you to the following question.

As for the rest of the stuff scribbled on screen, their true purpose has never been stated. They might have had something to do with what was going to be the full-length Quiz Splapp had been working on before dropping the project entirely and starting it from scratch in 2006, though they could also be out of randomness and have no real purpose whatsoever.

Splapp has stated that this question is an early version of Question 24 in the full Impossible Quiz, in which you have to rub a box with coloured stripes. Touching each stripe would make letters and symbols appear, creating together the question's real task: "Click the 'V' in lives".

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