The Impossible Quiz Book
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Question 39 of the Impossible Quiz Book asks "What happens after pigs fly?". The possible answers are "People die", "Bacon goes up", "Bricks were shat" and "Horse replaces pork".

Any of the latter three options could be correct, but the actual answer to this question is "People die". There's a good reason for this: a term commonly used for domestic pigs is "swine"; the aftermath of pigs flying would be to say that "the swine flew", and this phrase could be interpreted as "swine flu", which is one of the names of a well-known spreadable infection (properly named "Swine influenza") that had lots of outbreaks during the last century or so. A notable swine flu pandemic occurred in 2009, the year in which this chapter was released.

In conclusion, the answer is "People die" because people might die after they caught the swine flu.

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