The Impossible Quiz
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Question 3 from the Impossible Quiz presents you with what at first glance seems to be a random group of letters forming non-existant words, more specifically: ".sdrawkcab noitseuq siht rewsnA". The possible answers are "K.O", "What?", "I don't understand", and "Tennis elbow".

It turns out that the question is written backwards; when read from right to left, starting from the bottom line, it says "Answer this question backwards." The correct choice for this question is "K.O" because it's the word "O.K." written backwards.

This question is taken from the Impossible Quiz Demo, where it was the fourth question rather than the third one. The possible options and the correct answer are the same. 
Demo 04

The original question, as it appears in the Demo.


  • Question 12 from The Impossible Quiz 2 features a similar question: it asks you to "Answer this question upside-down!", with the task itself actually written upside-down. The answer to this question is "Fine", the only one of the options written the right way up, which makes sense since if you read the question upside-down, "Fine" is the only option that looks upside-down from that perspective.
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