The Impossible Quiz 2
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Question 3
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"Mars", "Milky Way" and "Galaxy" (chocolate bars)

Question 3 of The Impossible Quiz 2 reads "Which is the largest?". The four possible options are "Earth", "Mars", "Milky Way" and "Galaxy".

While "Galaxy" and "Milky Way" seem like logical options to choose, neither of them are correct. The answer to this question is "Earth", because all of the other options are chocolate bars, which makes them greatly smaller than the Earth by comparison.

Mobile version

Question 3 (iOS)




In the iOS version of The Impossible Quiz 2, this question had easily the greatest displacement in the new question order, becoming a 10-second bomb question located on number 98. In turn, a brand new question was placed here.

The new Question 3 consists of the drawing of a cow, followed by the text "- 4 legs =", as if it was a subtraction, saying "Cow minus 4 legs equals...". The possible options are "Sirloin", "Tri-tip", "Rump roast" and "Ground beef".

The answer is "Ground beef", because cow is beef, and without legs, it's stuck on the ground. Beef on the ground = ground beef.


  • This is the earliest question in this Quiz to be replaced by a completely new one in the mobile version of the game.
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