The Impossible Quiz Book
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Question 40
TIQB - 040




Question 40 of the Impossible Quiz Book presents you with a Voodoo doll, as well as the task "Click on the doll where the Quiz touched you.". Moving your mouse over the doll can reveal a bunch of clickable options, some of which are invisible and appear upon having the cursor on them.

Each of them makes a distinctive sound effect when highlighted, and different messages appear below the task depending on what's highlighted. These include:

  • "It licked my scalp", when the cursor is on the doll's head.
  • "Where my invisible ear is", on the left side of the head.
  • "My other invisible ear", on the right side.
  • "In my left peeper" and "In my right peeper", on each of the doll's eyes.
  • "Where my words come out", with the cursor on its mouth.
  • "My magnificient bum-chin", on the invisible chin located in the doll's neck.
  • "This hand!" and "That hand!", on the doll's left and right hands, respectively.
  • "My breasts and/or niplets", when highlighting any of them.
  • "Where my sweat dribbles out", when highlighting the doll's right armpit.
  • "In my gentleman's area (or otherwise)", when highlighting the doll's crotch.
  • "It caressed my thighs", on its left leg.
  • "Right in the knee", on its right one.
  • "On my left trotter" and "On my right trotter", when touching any of the doll's feet.

Out of all of these possible situations, the correct one is "In my gentleman's area (or otherwise)", probably because that's a perfect metaphor for how insulting and extremely annoying the Quiz (or the series in general) is being with you, so click on the doll's crotch to proceed.

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