The Impossible Quiz 2
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Question 41
TIQ2 - 41



TIQ Question 12

Fusestopper Location

Hidden right above the third Skip slot; it's invisible until you hover over it (PC only)

Question 41 of The Impossible Quiz 2 puts you in a scenario similar to that of Question 12 in the first Quiz. The task says "Click the smallest", and this time around there are 16 red circles of different sizes on screen.

There are a handful of small dots among them, especially in the lower half of the screen; however, none of these dots are the correct answer. There is no dot over the "i" in "Click" at all, and the point after the question number isn't a clickable object.

After pointlessly hovering your mouse on the screen for a while, you will see the medium-sized dot located to the right of the word "smallest" shrink to quite little proportions. That's the dot you're looking for, though you don't have to wait for it to shrink in order to click it. You can just click the dot to the right of "smallest" even before it shrinks, and you'll move on to the next question anyway.

TIQ2 - 41 (2)

Location of the Fusestopper (also, notice the shrunk dot next to "smallest")

There's a Fusestopper located in this question. It's invisible, and you won't see it until you put your mouse over him. He's located right above the third Skip (or its empty space, in case you didn't get it). Click him to obtain him.

Mobile version

In the iOS version of The Impossible Quiz 2, this question remains exactly the same, but the Fusestopper is absent from its original location.

The second Fusestopper is now located in Question 20, where the first one was before being put in Question 19. The final Fusestopper of the mobile version is now located on Question 45.

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