The Impossible Quiz 2
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Question 42
TIQ2 - 42

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"Horse-Worm Movie" (Flash animation by Gingerneck) / Worms

Question 42 of The Impossible Quiz 2 is... a rather unique one. It's inspired by a Flash animation called "Horse-Worm Movie", made by Estonian deviantArt user Gingerneck, who has collaborated with Splapp-Me-Do in some of his works. This is a safe question, so don't worry too much about screwing things up here.

There are two oddly-drawn worms on screen, namely Horse-Worm (on the left) and Pig Buster (on the right); Horse-Worm is angrily looking at Pig Buster while holding his hand in the air, ready to attack him, while Pig Buster is looking away in fear. Above them is a sentence typed in Arial font, that says "PIG BUSTER!! NO!!1".

Your job is here is obviously to complete the scene. Grab Horse-Worm's fist with your mouse (it's the only interactive object anyway) and drag it all the way to Pig Buster's face. After that... things just get absolutely random. Poorly drawn blood appears on the screen, and white text appears on a blue background for a short amount of time reading "MEAT AND JUICE TO MAKE HIM STRON!G!!" and also yellow text on a black background reading "gingerneck." After that, it goes to a close-up of Horse-Worm giving the thumbs up and smiling. Random text messages, worms yelling stuff and maniacally laughing, Horse-Worm turning red as he laughs, and then lots of random pictures appear quickly... And then you move on to the next question.

Mobile version

Question 42 (iOS)
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Very easy



Due to how this question works in Flash, it could not be replicated for the iOS version of the quiz. The replacement question is an addition that says "Right turn + right turn + right turn =", and the option boxes say "Confusion", "Left turn", "Dizzy" and "A ticket".

The correct answer here is "Left turn", because if you were to turn 90 degrees to the right three times like the task says, you would end up looking 90 degrees to the left from your initial position.


  • This is not the only time Horse-Worm and Pig Buster appear in the Impossible Quizzes. Pig Buster also appears in Question 42 of TIQB Chapter 1, while Horse-Worm is one of several possible opponent characters. Horse-Worm also appears as one of the Quizmas Presents in The Impossible Quizmas, called "Toothy Figurine".
  • If you move Horse-Worm's hand off screen, you won't be able to solve this question, requiring you to either use a Skip or cheat and start over in order to continue.
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