The Impossible Quiz
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Question 43 of The Impossible Quiz is the third of nine questions thought by Rabid-Coot (Etinogard), and it's a fill-in-the-blank question. It says "Bridget makes everyone...", mentioning the character Bridget from the "Guilty Gear" series. The possible choices are "Gay", "Straight", "Bi", and "Tom Cruise".

The correct answer is "Tom Cruise", since the question's also referencing the movie "Jerry Maguire", whose titular character was portrayed by Tom Cruise.

Mobile version

Considering the use of character names would result in Copyright issues, this question was replaced with a completely different one in the iOS version, which says "What is the most common cause of feline blindness?". The possible answers are "Macular degeneration", "Cataracts", "Glaucoma" and "Being poked in the eyes with a stick". The correct answer to this one is "Cataracts", since they're generally the cause of blindness in many species, plus it contains the word "cat".


  • This is the earliest question in the game to be replaced by a completely new question in the iOS version of the Quiz.
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