The Impossible Quiz 2
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Question 43
TIQ2 - 43 (10)

Depends on whether you've played The Impossible Quiz and how good your memory is

Special Attributes

Variable; several possible questions


10 seconds


A random question from
The Impossible Quiz

Question 43 of The Impossible Quiz 2 presents you with a random question from The Impossible Quiz; you get a different one every time you get here. What you have to do in order to advance is to choose the corresponding answer to the question you get, since all the questions retain their original answer. There's also a 10-second bomb.

Possible questions

Below is a gallery featuring some of the possible tasks you can get upon arriving to this question. The correct answer to each of them has been highlighted with the mouse (appears in yellow, except on the first one), and it has been typed below the image, in bold and between brackets.

Mobile version

This question works the exact same way as the original in the iOS version of The Impossible Quiz 2. The only difference is that there are fewer possible questions than in the Flash Version.

Likewise, here's a gallery featuring the possible tasks you can get upon arriving to this question, and their respective answers.


  • As an extra hint for the eventuality that you get the Question 49 version of the question, one of "Tips of the Day" of the game's loading screen points out the spelling of the creator's name, saying "It's spelled 'Splapp-me-do', not 'Slapp-me-do', you bunch of arses".
  • If the player answers incorrectly, he/she will not only lose a life, but the variant will also change
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