The Impossible Quiz Book
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Question 43 of the Impossible Quiz Book tells you that "The answer is typecast", with a 10-second bomb on its usual place in the screen. The choices you're given say "Typecast", "LOL... 43!", "Answer" and "Grapes".

The answer is NOT the option that says "Typecast". It's not the one that says "Answer", either, and the other two aren't even related so they're automatically discarded. What the question message is trying to tell you is that the answer to this question is to type "cast", so all you have to do here is to spell the word "cast" using your keyboard. After you're done, Chris's hands will come from the sides giving you both thumbs up, and you'll be sent to the next question.


  • Question 141 from Chapter 3 features a bunch of black holes, all of which send you to a previous question, except for one of them that sends you to the following question. However, you can just type "cast" and produce the same result as in this one, complete with moving on to the next one. Splapp admitted that this is a glitch, since the criteria for completing this question was seemingly carried over to that question when Chapter 3 was created.
    • This can be seen as evidence that Chapter 3 was made using Chapter 1 as its base, probably to make the creation process easier and more practical.
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