The Impossible Quiz
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Question 44


Special Attributes

Safe Question



Question 44 of The Impossible Quiz is a safe question that has no actual question, nor options. All there is on screen besides the usual stuff are a bunch of scrambled puzzle pieces. The question number is in one of these pieces, so you can use it as a reference. What you must do is to drag the pieces around and put them together to make the picture. The piece at the upper right is not movable, as it's nailed to its spot.


The finished puzzle

Once the puzzle has been built, it will form a message that reads "Click here" and an arrow pointing at a dot. Click there to proceed. It's not necessary to build the puzzle in order to click the dot, since it's on the nailed puzzle piece, so if you know where the dot is located, you can look for it and click it right away.


  • One of the puzzle pieces is cut incorrectly, with its missing piece attached to another with an offset. This results in a small hole in the first E of the word "here" when the puzzle is put together.
  • In the iOS version of the game, the message "Click here" remains unchanged, despite all interactions with the screen in this version being done with touches rather than clicks.
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