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Question 44
TIQB - 044



Maze questions from TIQ2

Question 44 of the Impossible Quiz Book presents you with a familiar-looking screen: there's a square purple balloon speech, with an arrow coming from its lower part that stretches and contracts pointing at a green button right below it. The speech balloon contains a message written in light green letters, saying "Put the mouse on here".

You are presented with a screen similar to the ones featured throughout The Impossible Quiz 2, specifically in the questions where (in most of the cases) you had to complete a maze. However, as soon as you put your cursor on the green button you lose a life.

What the speech balloon is actually telling you is the put the "mouse" on "here"; that is, putting the word "mouse" on top of the word "here". Doing so will make a small sign appear next to the speech balloon, containing the word "Nice!" and a green arrow-shaped button that turns pink when highlighted, with the message "GO GO GO!" appearing on it. Click it and you'll move on to the next question.

TIQB - 044 (2)

Atta boy!


  • The Impossible Quiz 2 itself also had an instance like this, namely Question 54, where there was a "Put the mouse on here" message and a button, but putting your mouse on the button would take a life away from you. The actual answer was to drag a mouse (whose tail was the only visible thing) into the button.
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