The Impossible Quiz Book
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Question 45
TIQB - 045



10 seconds



Question 45 of the Impossible Quiz Book asks you to "Fix the underground pipes" before the 10-second bomb on the top right corner of the screen goes off. Below this task, the "ground" was removed and there are a few pipes on sight. These pipes have a total of 10 leaks together, all of which are clickable and get patched with some adhesive bandages when clicked.

If you instinctively clicked on all of the ten leaks in time, however you won't proceed. What the question actually wanted you to do in the first place was to fix the "under-ground pipes"; the pipes located under the "ground" part of "underground". If you click and drag the second half of the word away, you'll reveal three additional leaks in new sections of the pipes.

TIQB - 045 (2)

The "under-ground" pipes fixed!

You don't have to interact with the other ten at any point. Just fix these three hidden leaks and you will proceed.

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