The Impossible Quiz 2
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Question 46
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Question 46 of The Impossible Quiz 2 simply asks "Where's Orion's Belt?", while the possible answers are "Around Orion's waist", "In space", "Poland" and "Eleven".

While "In space" seems like a sensible, logical way to answer to this question, the correct option is actually "Around Orion's waist". This does make sense, since Orion's Belt as an asterism (pattern of stars) is a part of the constellation Orion (which represents a hunter), where it can be visualised as the hunter's belt.

Mobile version

For the iOS version of The Impossible Quiz 2, since Question 49 had to be omitted, Questions 45 to 48 were pushed one space forward, filling in with a new question in number 45. The original Question 45 ("Old McDonald had a farm") thus became the 46th, and this one became Question 47.

Unlike in the original Flash version, no voice will play when tapping each of the letters.

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