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Question 47


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Safe Question



Question 47 of The Impossible Quiz is a searching question, in which a big bottle that reads "Vanish" comes from above and spills a yellowish liquid, flooding the whole screen. Once everything has been covered with the liquid, a red button will pop up near the centre of the screen, but due to the liquid you're unable to see the location of your cursor.

Your task is to move your invisible cursor to where the red button is and click it. The best way to do so is aligning the cursor with the point of the cursor on the "Vanish" bottle when it is at its lowest point of the screen.

This is a safe question, which means that you can click wherever you want on the screen and you won't lose any lives for any misclick you make.

There is a cheat where if you click the right mouse button, you can see where your mouse is. This gives you a space to see where your mouse is, so you can move around a bit and navigate it to the button, Though you have to click twice if your mouse is on the button. One to close the right-click menu, and one to click the button. Be warned, once you close the right-click menu or move the mouse off the right-click menu, your cursor will vanish. If you are on a touchpad PC, you can also simply press the button to advance to the next question.

Also, on Safari or Google Chrome on a Mac, your cursor cannot vanish, due to the fact OS X has no built-in cursor changing method.

Mobile version

The question remains pretty much the same in the iOS version of The Impossible Quiz; the difference is that since there's no mouse, and therefore no cursor, the "Vanish" liquid will actually make the button invisible. What you have to do is to put your finger on the screen and move it around the screen until you put it on the button, which will then become visible again. Once there, lift your finger away from the screen in order to proceed.

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