The Impossible Quiz Book
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Question 47 of The Impossible Quiz Book features yet another scene from series 3 of Splapp's Flash animation "Badly Drawn Dawg", this time from the second episode: "Coil". You're inside of a delimited grassy area, on which there is, as described by the warning sign next to it, a "Big fat Tesla coil". A few steps away from it, there's a pole with half the size of the Tesla coil, on which the Badly Drawn Dawg and its Badly Drawn Pups are chewing, unsurprisingly. There is no task on screen; only a 15-second bomb.

What you have to do here is to create static by rubbing the pole up and down with your cursor, enough so that the Tesla coil conducts its electricity to it, shocking the Dawg and the Pups in the process and sending them flying in agony. The timing is extremely tight in this one, so you've got to hurry from the beginning of the 15 seconds (or use a Fusestopper), otherwise you probably won't make it in time.


  • Question 81 of the original Impossible Quiz also requires you to rub a pole up and down using your cursor to attract electricity, though in that particular situation, thunder struck the pole instead of a Tesla coil.
  • Badly sprained wrist, one of the planned Catastrophes, would have been rewarded for finishing this question "really fast".
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