The Impossible Quiz Book
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Question 49
TIQB - 049

Scenario 1: Somewhat easy
Scenario 2: Hard

Special Attributes

Variable; 2 possible scenarios, one of which is randomized even further


20 seconds



Question 49 of The Impossible Quiz Book is the second-to-last question in the Book's first Chapter. As Mars scrolls into view from below, a question fades in right above of him: "Is there life on Mars?". There's a 20-second bomb as well.

There are two possible scenarios you could get here, and they both involve answering this question in different ways.

Scenario 1: Drag "life" on to mars

In the first one, the only interactive object on the screen will be the word "life" of the question; no part of Mars will be clickable. This is the easier variation, since all you have to is to click and hold the left mouse button while on the word "life" and drag it onto Mars. The question will then disappear, and a new message will appear on its place: "There is now!", before you're sent to the last question.

Scenario 2: A Phlovomite pops up from mars

The harder scenario is the one that could halt your playthrough: the word "life" won't be clickable. Instead, several parts of Mars will be interactive, including his craters and some dry parts of the surface which will crack upon being clicked. In this case, you have to click on every possible part until you make a Phlovomite appear, holding a sign that says "Yes!". You'll then proceed.

In this variation, the clickable parts are really small, so it's important that you check everywhere or save your Fusestopper or your Skip specifically for this question. The Phlovomite will not always appear in the same spot: it could appear on the left side of the planet, between either pair of craters, or even in the crater right next to Mars's left eye. This may affect your "A" grade if you don't click quickly!

  • The first variant when completed
  • The second variant when completed


  • This may be a reference to the Frank comic "Telescope", in which Frank sees Mars from a telescope and in the third panel the eyes of a Phlovomite can be barely seen popping out of one of his craters.
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