The Impossible Quizmas
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Question 4 of The Impossible Quizmas presents a series of Christmas lights across the screen. The question reads "Find the dodgy bulb!", and there is a 10-second Quizmas Pudding ticking down.

In order to proceed, the player must pay attention and click the flickering bulb. Please note that this is a randomised question and the flickering bulb will change every time


One of the dented sockets.

There's a Skip hidden in this question, although it is usually hard to spot - the simplest one to find is the one directly below the question number. It looks like a dent on one of the light sockets. Click that, and you have your first Skip.

Possible Layouts

There are six possible layouts, although one of them has two possible Skip locations. See the gallery below for highlighted dodgy bulbs and Skip sockets.


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