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Question 50 of The Impossible Quiz contains a simple but really important task for you. The question says "Remember:", followed a colour code and a number code. The colour code says "Blue, red, blue, yellow", while the number code says "108 = 4 8 15 16 23 42".

Said number code is a major plot point in the TV series "Lost", and this will be referenced towards the end of the Quiz, in Question 108, so it's important that you remember them (or alternatively, write them down). The colour code might look less important, but you're going to need it for a couple of future questions, and even for future quizzes, so make sure you remember it as well!

Regarding this question, the options are "O.K.", "What.", "I can't!" and "GTFO". Since all the question is asking you is to remember some seemingly random codes, all you can do is to agree and accept it, so the correct answer is "O.K.".

Mobile version

In the iOS version of The Impossible Quiz, the question is exactly the same, although the bottom right option, "GTFO", was changed to the more friendly-sounding "GRRR" to prevent content problems.

It is worth noting that, while the number code from "Lost" is still there, it was just for the sake of being faithful to the original Quiz, since the original Question 108 was replaced with a completely different question. So you won't need to remember the number code, but you still have to remember the colour one.


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The origin of this Question in the Beta

  • The origin of this question comes from one of the two possible variations of Question 37 from The Impossible Quiz Beta, the unreleased extended version of the Demo which included 10 extra questions. Screenshots of all of the extra questions were released by Splapp-Me-Do on his Tumblr page in January of 2014. The second variation of Question 37 asked you to remember a drawing of a small odd-looking creature, and as such, the answer would be "OK then". Splapp explained that this Beta question eventually became part of the finished game, replacing the small creature with the colour code and the numerical code.
  • The colour code "Blue, red, blue, yellow" became a staple of the series, and is referenced at least once per quiz, namely:
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