The Impossible Quiz Book
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Question 50 of The Impossible Quiz Book is the final question of the Book's first Chapter. This question follows up from the events of the Chapter's introductory cutscene, where the Phlovomite spaceship's mechanical claw tried to snatch The Impossible Quiz Book, only to be faced by the barrel of Chris's shotgun. The music comes completely to a halt, as a single gun shot badly damages the mechanical claw in front of the screen.

The camera then zooms out, showing Chris holding the gun, both of his eyes pointing at the Phlovomite's device with determination. The 5-second bomb on the top right corner of the screen starts ticking down to the sound of a drumroll, with no task on screen at all.

It's up to you to finish this story for good: the severely damaged mechanical claw is the only clickable object on screen right now, so you have to be quick with your mouse and click it three times before the bomb goes off. If you fail, then it's an instant Game Over, and you can't use either of your Power-ups here.

If you turn out successful, the claw will be turned into scraps and the remains of it will be brought back up into the ship. A drawing of Chris's devilish-looking grinning face will cover the screen joined by a congratulatory fanfare in the background, fading into a really colourful screen with the message "Chapter 1 complete!" on it.

You will be then presented with your Quiz statistics, determining your grade based on how many Power-ups you found, how many of them you used, and how many lives you lost. But this isn't the end of your adventure, as you have yet to see the Chapter's epilogue.

Ending Cutscene

After getting rid of the Phlovomite's mechanical claw, Chris slowly backs away with the Book on his hands. Behind him, another claw comes down from the skies, this time grabbing him from his neck, as the Phlovomite King looks on from his spaceship.

Chapter 1 ends with Chris being slowly abducted by the Phlovomites, before the screen fades into black, with some ending messages appearing on screen:

To be continued...
In: Chapter 2...


There's a glitch in the question if the player Press the Tab key cause a Game Over while the screen goes black except the Question Number and bomb you can still Try Again

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