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Question 51
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Beta Question 37

Question 51 of The Impossible Quiz 2 describes the following situation: "Five animals took part in a yacht race around the world. Which came last?". The potential answers include "Crested duck", "Ring-tailed lemur","Obese wasp" and "Paraplegic centipede".

Of course you don't have any logical way of figuring out who could have won that race, but what you actually can figure out is that all of the options are incorrect. However, if you move your mouse around the question, you will see that if you hover on the word "came", the "L" in "last" will slightly move away to the left and join "came", thus creating the word "camel". That's the answer to the question; click it to move on to the next question.

Mobile version

Question 51 (iOS)
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Very easy

Special Attributes

Variable; randomised number of hits
Safe Question



In the iOS release of The Impossible Quiz 2, due to a change in the questions's lineup as the result of omitting Question 54, Questions 51 to 53 were pushed one space forward, and this spot was filled with a later question from the Flash version.

The question that took this one's place is Question 70 ("The fate of Chris is in your hands!"), and all you have to do is to touch the screen and count many times he gets punched in the face before fainting. Rather than getting hit up to 15 times, however, he'll get hit up to 10.

The question that will ask you how many times Chris got hit became Question 55.

It's worth noting that Chris is wearing his red collar in the mobile version of this question, whereas in the Flash version he isn't wearing it at all. This means you won't need to look it up in the "Credits" section of the main menu, and it will be easier for you to remember when you're asked for it.


  • An early version of this question was meant to appear in The Impossible Quiz Beta, the unreleased extended edition of the Demo, in the spot of number 37, as stated by Splapp-Me-Do himself when he revealed the screenshots of the 10 additional questions. The question was different, saying "Terry has dandruff. But where does he go shopping?"; just like in this one, you'd have to move your cursor around the task, which would reveal the actual answer of the question, "Asda" (in "has dandruff").
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The question from the Beta that featured a mechanism similar to the one of this question.

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