The Impossible Quiz Book
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Question 51 from The Impossible Quiz Book is the first question of the Book's second chapter, "The Phlovomite's Guide to the Galaxy", and the first one to represent the Monochrome video game era, with only two colours used in the entirety of the screen: black and green. This is the first of 50 questions that Chris will require to answer in order to obtain the number code that will open his prison cell and set himself and Norman free from the Phlovomites' grasp.

The first question of the Chapter says "How many bits in a byte?", while the options you're given are "None", "1", "255" and "Depends on the size of your mouth".

In computing, bytes (units of digital information) usually consist of 8 bits (which isn't a listed answer), though it's size has always been dependent on the hardware, and there were no definitive standards. It's known that they can reach up to 255 bits, but in this case, that's NOT the answer.

By saying "byte", the question is actually referring to a "bite", as in eating something, while "bits" refer to the bits of food in somebody's mouth. Therefore, the answer to this question is "Depends on the size of your mouth", since the amount of food bits that you can have in your mouth at once depends on how big or small it is.

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