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Question 52 from the Impossible Quiz presents you with a single word: "Carrot!". There are four green batches of leaves coming from the soil on the lower part of the screen, each of them belonging to either a vegetable or something completely unrelated.


Harvesting all of the options!

You simply have to find which of these batches of leaves is the one that belongs to a carrot. Below are what the four choices really are:

  • On the very left is grass, with leaves at the top, but there is no vegetable
  • On the centre-left, it's a troll toy. The green at the top is supposed to be green hair. The troll has a hitler mustache and a shirt saying "I ♥ teabags".
  • On the centre-right, it's a carrot with a goofy face resembling Plug from the Bash Street Kids in the Beano, a very popular British comic book. This is the answer you're looking for.
  • On the very right, the choice is "just a… thing. An impatient looking thing.", according to Splapp-me-do himself.

Clicking any of the leaves will harvest whatever they belong to. So click on the third batch of leaves to harvest the carrot and then proceed.


  • This is the only question of the game where the word "Lives" in the bottom left corner of the screen was altered to look different.
    • On November 11th 2017, Splapp confirmed that the recolouring of the "Lives" text on this question was a mistake. He had the words selected as he was colouring something else and didn't realise until after the quiz was released.
  • In the Impossible Quiz cheat sheet, Splapp said that he traced a carrot's leaves for this question.
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