The Impossible Quiz Book
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Question 54
TIQB - 54



10 seconds



Question 54 from The Impossible Quiz Book is the fourth question of Chapter 2, and the fourth one representing the Monochrome era of video games. It's also the first bomb question, containing a 10-second pixelated one.

When you get here, you'll see the task "Click the dots!", which will disappear right before 9 stray pixels appear on screen, with the bomb starting to tick down. 

In order to move on to the next question, you must click all of them in time; this includes an additional pixel, which is the one located right next to the question number (adding up to a total of 10 pixels you must click). Fortunately, the pixels surrounding the bomb's tiny fuse do not count. After you're done with all of them, you'll proceed immediately.


  • Aside from Question 100, this is the only Monochrome era question with a bomb.
  • It is possible to click the dot of the question number before the task disappears.
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