The Impossible Quiz 2
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Question 56
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Question 41 (from TIQ) / Rabid-Coot's (Etinogard's) deviantArt / Bananaphone (song) / Gingerneck (deviantArt user)

Question 56 of The Impossible Quiz 2 is very similar to Question 41 from the first Quiz. You're presented with a picture of a Muscovy duck taken from Rabid-Coot's (Etinogard's) deviantArt page, with no tasks on screen. The picture takes up the whole screen of the game, though you can still see the question number, your lives and your power-ups as usual. It has been edited, adding what seems to be either a feather or hair to the duck's head, as well as a speech balloon as if he was saying "Crime is a sh*t that needs wiping up". You can watch the original, unedited picture over at Rabid-Coot's dA page.

Pretty much like in the "Afro duck" picture from the previous Quiz, you can move your mouse over the picture, highlighting several parts of the duck's body and revealing small invisible messages written next to each of those parts. Every single thing you can highlight in the picture is a possible answer (except for the link to Rabid-Coot's dA, located at the top-right corner of the screen). Answer possibilities include:

  • "Filthy, the tail end", on the feathers of the duck's tail.
  • "Wing wing wing wing wing wing wing Bananaphone!", below its visible wing.
  • "Rectum! Insert coin" and a brown arrow pointing at the area behind the duck's feet (which doesn't seem like its actual rectum).
  • "LOL microp*nis" and a hand-drawn p*nis in the area between its legs.
  • "The tat!" and a hand-drawn tattoo of an anchor and the word "MOM" below, located on the duck's breast.
  • "Oh!! Gingerneck!!", on the duck's neck.
  • "Oof! Burnt face!", on the red skin on its face (holding the left mouse button will make a hand-drawn eye seemingly pop out of its face).

The correct answer is "LOL microp*nis", probably just because it's the funniest answer possible.

Mobile version

Question 56 (iOS)

Very easy



Skip Location

Pop the green balloon.

Due to the inappropriate answer, this question had to be replaced in the iOS release of The Impossible Quiz 2, by yet another balloon question: this time around, the task that will appear on screen will say "Not brown!" for a couple of seconds before fading away, and the six differently-coloured balloons from the previous balloon question will fly towards the upper edge of the screen.

Your task is actually way too simple here: just pop any of the balloons, other than the brown one of course, and you'll continue to the next question.

Equally simple to achieve is the second Skip of the mobile version, which you can earn here. All you have to do is to pop the green balloon and you'll receive it instantly. You do not need to worry about popping the other balloons when you get the Skip because you'll go to the next question anyways.

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