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Question 57
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Question 57 of The Impossible Quiz 2 simply asks "How many letters in the answer?", with the possible answers being "One", "Three", "Four" and "Six".

While "Six" may sound right since that's how many letters in "answer", that is not correct. The correct one is "Four", because it's the only one of these numbers that has as many letters on its name as the number itself indicates; the word "four" has four letters, therefore correctly answering the question, whereas the rest of them have a different amount of letters than each of them indicate.

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Question 57 (iOS)
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Bud Light beer

In the iOS version of The Impossible Quiz 2, this question was pushed to the spot of Question 59, with a brand new one replacing it. The new Question 57 says "Red light, green light?", with possible answers being "Red light", "Bud lights", "Green light" and "Blue light". The correct option is "Blue light", due to the answer lights being blue.

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