The Impossible Quiz 2
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Question 58
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Safe Question



Question 58 of The Impossible Quiz 2 contains no actual question, task or options on screen, aside from the question number, your lives and your power-ups. You're presented with the space, with a lot of stars on sight, as well as some occasional shooting stars.

TIQ2 - 58

For the most time you won't see anything happening, though occasionally you might see a sleeping Mars flying by, or the dancing cylinder from "Cylindrical Adventures" riding a space vehicle across the screen, or a Spatulon spaceship zooming by. There is not a single clickable object on screen though, despite all of this stuff passing through the space.

Since the scenario in the middle of the space, you have to press the "Space" key on your keyboard.

Mobile version

Question 58 (iOS)
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10 seconds


"Who's On First?" (Abbott & Costello routine) Dennis the Square Tomato (character by Splapp)

Due to the lack of a keyboard, this question was completely omitted from the iOS release of The Impossible Quiz 2. A brand new question took its place, saying "Who's on 3rd base?", along with a 10-second bomb. The possible options are "Who", "I don't know", "What" and "Dennis".

The answer is "I don't know", due to the comedy sketch, "Who's on first?", by Abbot and Costello.


  • This is the only question in this quiz requiring you to press a single key on your keyboard which is a safe question.
  • There are a handful of questions in this Quiz that require you to press a single key on your keyboard to proceed, namely:
    • Question 7: Press the right arrow key ("Use the right key!").
    • Question 27: Press 1 ("Quick! Press one!").
    • Question 86: Press U (the letter of the alphabet next to T).
  • The Impossible Quiz Book also has many questions where you only need to press one key corresponding to the content:
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